Mortgage in trial period before CDI: how to do?


The trial period does not allow to obtain a mortgage, ideally you should wait for the definitive CDI but as most of the trial periods end successfully, it is advisable to prepare his file now to obtain his mortgage when the time comes.

Trial period and housing loan

Trial period and housing loan


The probationary period in a contract of employment is a transitional period, that is to say that an employee can not take steps in the long term until this period is over. As part of a lease, the lessor will systematically ask for a promise to hire, even if the latter can not ensure a conversion of the trial period into an open-ended contract. The same goes for housing loans, employees who have found a job will benefit from the CDI that will be proposed to carry out procedures for homeownership.

Simply, the banks will not provide housing loans if the borrower does not offer strong guarantees and the contract of employment on permanent contract or as a permanent employee are part of the obligations to provide for its financing. In other words, it is not possible to obtain a real estate loan during a trial period, but it is advisable to start immediately to build the file and obtain financing when you switch to permanent contracts.

Mortgage file

Mortgage file

If obtaining funding is not possible during the trial period, it is strongly recommended to begin the process of home ownership now. The average time to obtain a mortgage is 4 weeks, between the online simulation and the financing agreement. In other words, a trial period will generally last between 2 and 4 months depending on the companies and the level of qualification. It is therefore useful to start his steps serenely, it will allow time to consult offers, compare proposals and choose the best bank for his mortgage.

Banks are rather in favor of these steps because the borrower will have the time to prepare his file, to provide the supporting documents and to be able to define his needs in terms of financing but also banking domiciliation. At the time of the passage in CDI, the borrower will have just to update his file by providing the contract of employment of indefinite duration. The updated file, the release of funds can take place and the borrower can buy the desired property.

Simulate a mortgage loan during a trial period

Simulate a mortgage loan during a trial period


The trial period is not a brake on housing loans, it is simply to start preparing the file, to consult the offers of mortgage loans but also to compare the rates charged by the different institutions of credits. The bank advisers will be able to propose financing offers and start the constitution of the file of which only the contract of CDI will be missing. In this process, the counselors postpone the file, that is to say, a pending update of the situation of the borrower. Thus, the borrower earns at least 4 weeks in obtaining his mortgage.

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