3000 installment loan How to find the best offer?

The market of non-bank services is so diverse that everyone has a chance to find an offer ideally suited to their needs. You can choose between short-term payday loans or installment loans, which are considered an alternative to a traditional bank loan.

Installment offers are becoming more and more popular, as they give more freedom in determining repayment terms and are less of a burden on the household budget. It is difficult to choose the best offer among such a big competition, so what should you look for in a non-bank loan with a longer repayment period?

Installment loan – basic information

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People who use non-bank services for the first time may have difficulty finding the best offer. This is because they often opt for short-term payday loans , considering long-term loans online as products that are just as difficult to get as a bank loan. New installment loans have been simplified as much as possible and formalities have been kept to a minimum so that they can compete with popular payday loans.

Due to the fact that it is a long-term commitment, you have to reckon with the need to meet certain requirements for customers. In addition to basic formalities, such as living in the country, Polish citizenship and age between 20 and 70 years old, other conditions must be met.

New installment loans – requirements for customers

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Non-banking companies try to flexibly approach the needs of customers, which is why the offers are designed to be as attractive as possible. Long-term online loans carry a higher risk of late repayment because they are granted for higher amounts than traditional payday loans.

For this reason, to secure their interests, lenders check clients for credibility. Although there is no need to show a certificate from the employer and sources of income, you have to take into account the possibility of checking in the debtors’ databases. In the event of arrears, the lender may offer a lower loan amount or reject the application until the debt has been settled. However, monthly installment loans via the Internet are flexible products, which is why non-bank companies check their creditworthiness less rigorously than banks.

What is the procedure for granting long-term loans online?

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For an even easier loan granting process, all procedures have been limited to online activities. After selecting the offer, go to the lender’s website and register your profile. The next step is to fill in the application with your ID card details and specify the loan parameters.

A very important step is identity verification, because without this a quick loan will not be granted. The customer has two methods to choose from, one of which involves transferring a penny from his own bank account, and the other by logging into electronic banking. Important in all this is that the bank account must be set up on the same data to which the non-bank loan application was written.

Therefore, it is not possible to make a verification transfer or cash withdrawal to an account shared with a spouse or belonging to someone else.


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